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Organic Weed Control by ultra violet light.

Økologisk ukrudtsbekæmpelse uden sprøjtemidler.
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bulletSammenligning af UV lys og gasbrændere.
bulletRenholdelse af nødspor mm langs større veje.


bulletEnergy consumption estimates:
bullet10,000 Joule/m2 is enough energy to initiate boiling inside thin leaves.
bullet30,000 Joule/m2  is enough energy to generate steam from the water inside green leaves.


   Weed Control.jpg (13605 bytes)

Equipment for small scale tests in the garden.
The dry grass has been treated by UV-light
                the previous week
Weed Control.jpg (24394 bytes)
   Weed in flowerpots, ready for a dosis of Ultra Violet Light.
Results one week later on [ Weed Photo-1 ] and [ Weed Photo-2 ]

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